5 Reasons to Add Probiotics To Your Diet

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By: Veronica Rodell

Save those Vacation days

These little microorganisms are here to keep the peace! Probiotics help keep the bad bacteria under control in our bodies. Making us less likely to take off for illness. Less sick days, the more we can save up for that long weekend getaway you’ve been planning with the gang.

Upgrade your Glow Up

Our fun and friendly helpers are known to prevent wrinkles! They are also great aid in hydration for your skin. Sending support to keep a blemish free, bright, and fresh complexion this new year!

Gut Renovation

Think of probiotics as the Chip and Joanna Gaines of your gut! Cleaning it out and making it fresh and new again. Taking down sugar walls, taming inflamed floors, and putting probiotic fixtures up to lighten and brighten the innards of your “home”.

Fresh Breath

Maybe instead of a mint, try sipping on some Kombucha! The probiotics will help battle any nasty bacteria that is lingering in that beautiful smile of yours! Probiotic gum and supplements can be found at your closest GNC or health food store.

Take the Pressure Off

With long time usage, studies have shown that the use of probiotics did in fact help lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means healthier heart. Healthier heart means happier you. Happier you means happier us, here at LifeStart!