Double Kettlebell Deadlift: Form Friday


by Devin Sarno, NSCA-CPT

Exercises: Double Kettlebell Deadlift

Muscle Groups: Hamstrings, Glutes, Erector Spinae, Quadriceps, Forearms

Importance: This deadlift variation allows for you to build strength in the posterior chain while demanding more balance and grip strength than a traditional deadlift due to the instability of using two kettlebells as opposed to a barbell.

Proper Form:

  1. Start by standing between two kettlebells of equal weight with a slightly more narrow stance than a barbell deadlift (Hip width or narrower)

  2. Grip the kettlebells as you squat down with your feet flat, shoulders over the kettlebells, neutral spine

  3. Begin to extend the hips and knees as you start to pull the kettlebells off the floor

  4. Keeping your back straight, continue to pull the kettlebells up as you complete your hip and knee extension

  5. Squeeze your glutes tight as you stand upright with your chest tall

  6. Slowly lower the kettlebells back to the starting position by starting to re-flex at the hips and knees maintaining a neutral spine throughout

Progression/Regression: Single Kettlebell Deadlift/Barbell Deadlift


  • Keep your feet flat on the floor

  • Be sure your knees are pointing in the same direction as your feet

  • Do not try to jerk the weight off the floor; keep your body position tight for a controlled pull

Sample Workout:

  • 21 Kettlebell Deadlifts

  • 21 Burpees

  • 45 second Plank

7 Rounds, decreasing the deadlifts and burpees by 3 reps each round until 3 finishing with a set of 3 reps.