Get to Know the RD: Lauren Floyd

Ask the Registered Dietitian

Lauren Floyd RD, LDN; NASM-CPT, CES; CHC


I have always considered myself somewhat of a health nut since high school. I played soccer and wanted to know how to eat to improve my performance. That was really the start of my passion for nutrition. Prior to the last year, I ate more performance based but since becoming pregnant and welcoming a little one at the start of this year, my nutrition emphasis has changed to eating for energy and to provide the right nutrients for my daughter. She developed reflux and colic early on so in turn, I was forced to modify my diet and cut out a few food groups that sometimes contribute to these factors. Since February I have cut out dairy, soy, coffee, and a few other random foods. This dramatically helped her issues but it made it harder for me to find quick and easy options for my diet.  I used to eat Greek yogurt, string cheese, or even dry roasted edamame as easy, go-to snacks between clients. I had to cut out all those snacks and also any food with dairy and soy hidden in them.  It’s amazing the number of foods you will find with soy lecithin!

Even though cutting out certain foods was challenging, the good thing to come out of cleaning up my diet was that it motivated me to plan my meals as much as possible and to always have healthy options within reach. Every Saturday I have a standing morning date with the grocery store.  I always go with a list that includes everything I need for breakfast and dinner every day of that week. I tend to eat leftovers for lunch or use the café at work as it has a great salad bar. With cutting out specific foods, it has helped me be more creative and inspired me to cook more meals from scratch. Every Sunday I take advantage of when my daughter naps (If she naps!) so I can prep food for the week. I keep it very simple, and there's nothing wrong with that! A few plain proteins, veggies and other side items. I typically bake a few chicken breasts, cook ground turkey or beef, cut up and stir fry some veggies, cut up fruit, and make a big batch of oatmeal. The more I can do in advance, the easier the rest of the week becomes. And I always keep a LaraBar and a bag of mixed nuts in my bag to have on hand as a back-up snack.

I make sure I have a source of protein, healthy fat, and some sort of fiber (fruit or veggies preferably) for every meal. I have my clients aim for creating balanced meals as well; it’s all about the basics! Even if you have a busy and hectic schedule, planning out a little time to cut up fruits and veggies or cooking a double batch makes eating healthy so much easier. I try to make healthy options just as readily available as fast food/prepackaged food options are but no one's perfect! Even as a Registered Dietitian, I have days where I don't always stick to the healthy diet I've set for myself. I follow the 80/20 principle as best I can.  If one meal isn’t so great, that's okay! I don’t dwell on it and I tell my clients not to either. I focus on small, gradual changes that leave my clients feeling comfortable and confident maintaining those changes making them more successful and healthy in the long run!