Landmine Press


Form Friday: Landmine Press

by Devin Sarno, NSCA-CPT

Exercises: Landmine Press (Two-Handed)
Muscle Groups: Pecs, Deltoids, Triceps
Importance: This angled press combines the benefits of both vertical and horizontal presses with less stress on the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff. It will help build your upper pecs while also working the shoulders and triceps as well for a near complete upper body burn.

Proper Form:

  1. Load the end of a barbell into the landmine bar holder
  2. Load the open end with the desired weight you would like to use
  3. Pick up the open end with the weight on it, hand over hand, and hold it right in front of your chest
  4. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart
  5. Begin to extend your arms and press the weight up until your arms are fully extended
  6. The press will send your hands up and away from your body due to the angle of the landmine
  7. Slowly bend at the elbows and reverse your motion until you have returned to the starting position

Progression/Regression: Single Arm Landmine Press, Kneeling Landmine Press, Landmine shoulder-to-shoulder press

  • Keep a strong base, you will probably want to bend slightly at the knees
  • Control the bar in all directions and try to keep the bar moving in a straight lined path
  • Do not lean back during the press; keep your core stable

Sample Workout, 5 rounds:

  • Landmine Press x 10
  • Body weight squats x 25, 20, 15, 10, 5
  • Burpees x 10
  • Plank Hold x 45 seconds