Tip Tuesday: A Trainer's Weekly Routine


Ashley Schroeder

My weekly routine has become like clockwork to me. Most days I wake up, take the dog for a walk, make myself coffee or an amino energy-based drink, and get into a workout. If I’m feel good without needing the extra energy I’ll go that route. Getting a sweat in first thing in the morning before breakfast jump starts my day. To make sure I am successful for the week ahead, I meal prep, plan my workouts in advance, and make sure I get enough sleep so I can perform at my best. 


Before Monday morning even hits, a Sunday night meal prep is ALWAYS a must for me. I actually enjoy meal prepping for the week and planning out everything I put in my body. If I don’t plan ahead on what I’m going to eat in a given day I know I will fall off the wagon and end up spending way too much money on the cafeteria food and not make mindful decisions. With planning ahead, it allows you to feel more energized, strong, and motivated throughout the entire day without feeling a crash come 3pm. As a fitness director constantly on the go, having multiple training sessions a day, my own workouts, and taking care of a dog when I get home my time and energy are very important to me. Let’s face it, we all crave time and energy therefore having grab and go meals have been proven to be successful and they can work for you too if you take the time. The fitness goals that I’ve set for myself have changed dramatically in the past few weeks therefore my calories and workouts have been more important now than ever to keep track off. When I began to pay closer attention to my diet, I found that going to the grocery store on a weekly basis was a big chore and something I dreaded doing. Therefore, I used Sundays as a night to meal prep. I highly recommend going through a meal prep company if you don’t enjoy doing this on your own or you’re not sure on where to start. My Mighty Meals based out of Chicago has provided me with delicious low-calorie meals on weeks I don’t have the extra time to do it on my own. 


The excuse “I don’t have time to workout” will not fly for me! There’s 24 hours in a day and it’s important to get in at least 1 hour a day. Scheduling a lunch break in my calendar has allowed me to get a workout in every day. That workout can range from yoga to a high intensity interval class depending on how I’m feeling that day. After a workout, I always leave enough time to stretch and cool down. 


8 hours a night is a definite must for me. Without that, I feel tired right off the bat. Therefore most of my evenings are consumed with early bedtimes to get that shut eye in. 

Some helpful hints to combat the sweet tooth or bad cravings in your daily routine

*Use an amino coffee creamer to “sweeten up” coffee without using syrups, honey, sugar, etc. 

*Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to keep you feeling full 

*Keep protein powder and unsweetened almond milk on hand at work. In a pinch I’ll quickly make myself a delicious shake without wanting to go down to Starbucks for a brownie, skip a meal, or be left hungry. As a serious chocolate lover, I’ve found chocolate peanut butter protein powders with milk will keep me feeling full and prevent cravings.

*Keep protein packed snacks on hand to encourage healthy late-night snacking and work snacking