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By Devin Sarno, NSCA-CPT

Motivation can be tricky when it comes to exercise and getting yourself to the gym; especially during the holiday season. The short winter days seems to be over by the time you get to leave the office because it is so dark and there are so many holiday festivities going on. It is seemingly easy to tell yourself that January 1st is when it is all going to turn around and get consistent again. But you CAN get yourself there today with the right attitude and if you set yourself up for success. Here we will discuss how to identify what is killing your motivation, as well as some things that you can do to keep the fire burning.

Behind any motivation or goal, there are going to be obstacles. Obstacles often turn into excuses to not do something. You may not even realize it in the moment, but the smallest obstacle may be what is keeping you from making it happen. The first step to getting motivated is to identify what is killing your motivation to begin with. Question yourself-- Am I sleeping poorly? Does the gym intimidate me? Am I “too busy” for exercise? Am I injured? The possibilities are plentiful, and any of these questions may be the reason for your lack of motivation. Upon identifying what it is that is killing your motivation, only then can you truly begin to build it back up. The second step to getting motivated is to see how you can work with the obstacle. If you are injured, there are still ways to exercise! For example, if you have a broken wrist… you can still walk, run, squat, lunge, and more! Rather than concentrating on what you cannot do, figure out what you CAN do. The third step to becoming motivated is trying to remove your obstacle. It is important not to overcomplicate this step. If you are not getting enough sleep-- implement a new bedtime. If the gym intimidates you-- hire a personal trainer to help! If you are too busy-- try breaking down your workout into multiple 10 minute sessions in your day. Face those obstacles head on!

Still not feeling motivated? Check out these quick fixes:

  • Create a new workout playlist with your current favorite songs

  • Go in with a plan! Write down your workout and check it off as you go

  • Reward yourself when you do workout! (Ex. Each workout I do I get to put $5 to a new outfit)

  • Invite a friend! Working out with a buddy can be more enjoyable and keep you accountable

Some of the most inspirational people still need to dig deep to find that motivation sometimes. If you find yourself in a situation where you are having a difficult time finding your motivation, don’t just accept and let yourself off of the hook. There will always be obstacles, so whether you have to remove them, work around them, or battle through them; you can get beyond them! Hold yourself accountable and next time don’t let a lack of motivation dictate your decision on whether or not to exercise.

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