Form Friday: Medicine Ball Rotational Throw


by Devin Sarno, NSCA-CPT

Exercise: Medicine Ball Rotational Throw

Muscle Groups:  Abdominals, Obliques

Importance:  This basic movement can be an integral part of building rotational strength and power. While most movements are linear and up-down or front-back, rotational strength is very important for core strength and stability as well as remaining adaptable to multiple movement patterns.

Proper Form:

  1. Make sure you have a non-hollow wall, ideally a cement wall to toss the med ball against

  2. With an appropriately weighted medicine ball, stand several feet from the wall (depending on how much the medicine ball will bounce) with your side facing the wall

  3. In an athletic stance with your feet hip-to-shoulder width apart, hold the medicine ball with both hands in your starting position

  4. Begin to rotate your shoulders away from the wall to coil up and generate additional energy/power

  5. Once you get to the end range of your passive shoulder rotation, immediately reverse directions turning your shoulders back toward the wall and releasing the ball against the wall as fast as you can

  6. Receive the ball off of the bounce off of the wall and let it carry you straight into your next repetition; repeat for desired number of repetitions on both sides

Progression/Regression: Russian Twists, Alternating Side Rotation Throw


  • Keep your abdominals tight throughout the movement

  • Before trying to string together multiple reps, be sure to find the right release point so that the ball will bounce back into your hands

  • Keep your feet planted so that you use your hips and core

Sample Workout, 3-5 rounds:

  • 20 Medicine Ball Squats

  • 10 Medicine Ball Side Rotation Throws (each side)

  • 20 Medicine Ball Slams

  • 10 Medicine Ball Overhead Lunges (each leg)

  • 10 Burpees

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