A is for A Brand New Year

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A | A Brand New Year

by Lindsey Herr

It’s 2018! Time to celebrate another year behind us and the one ahead!  

Thinking of a new year (365 whole days!), setting new goals, and writing down aspirations can be intimidating. I want you to think of LifeStart as your partner through it all! As a wellness company, we do more than lift weights. We want to help you achieve all of your health, wellness, and emotional goals. Whether you want to be more mindful in 2018 or bench press 200 lbs in 2018 - we are here to make it happen!

Some examples of ways we can help you succeed...

Goal: Eat less sugar

How we can help: Meet with your LifeStart Registered Dietitian!

Goal: Learn to use the gym equipment

How we can help: Set up a session with a trainer and they are more than happy to show you the ropes!

Goal: Lose the baby weight

How we can help: See a trainer! We have trainers who specialize in pre and post partum needs!

Goal: Learn to cook

How we can help: Our dietitians also love to cook! Ask them for simple, healthy recipes to try out.

Goal: Be more mindful

How we can help: Come to our free yoga classes


Happy new year! We wish you all the best in the year ahead :)

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