Speed Workout



by Amanda Fitzpatrick, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI

Even if you’re training for a long distance race, it is key to include speed workouts into your program in order to improve your strength and overall time and to prepare you for that final sprint across the finish line.

Begin with an easy 5 minute warm up at a comfortable pace for you. Take time to dynamically stretch moving through a full range of motion to ensure your hips, knees, ankles and leg muscles are properly warmed up. Take note that you can do this workout on a track, treadmill, or even outside if you map the distances out ahead of time.


As the distance decreases, your speed will increase, getting faster for each interval. The last interval in each set should be your fastest sprint. In between each interval, take an active recovery by slowing down to a jog to catch your breath, about 30 seconds to a minute.

One set equals 2.5 miles. By completing 2 sets you will have run 5 miles and by completing 3 sets you will have run 7.5 miles! You have the power choose how hard you want to push yourself with this workout.  

  • 1600 meters (1 mile)
  • 1200 meters (0.75 mile)
  • 800 meters (0.5 mile)
  • 400 meters (0.25 mile)

X2-3 sets