C is for Change



C | Change

Here we are, halfway through January! I hope your trusty New Year's Resolutions are going strong. Change can be super hard to make - especially the kind of change that will last a lifetime.

Let’s talk about some simple nutrition changes you can make this year:

  1. Keep the produce in sight

    1. On the counter or at eye-level in the fridge

    2. The more you look at it, the more you’ll eat it!

  2. Do all food prep before storing in the pantry/fridge.

    1. Take an hour after you get home from the grocery to chop, dice, portion, wash, etc. before things get put away

    2. Examples:

    3. Cut tops off of strawberries

    4. Chop celery and separate into tupperware for easy snacking

    5. Hard-boil your eggs before putting them away for easy snacks or breakfasts

    6. Bag up single-serving size of whole wheat crackers

  3. Do not eat right from the bag - portion chips and snacks into a bowl

  4. Eat vegetables first!

    1. Fill up on the good stuff then maybe you won’t want all that mac and cheese

  5. Drink more water

    1. This is important. Carry a refillable bottle with you...and use it lots!

  6. Try a new vegetable or fruit once a month

There are so many ways to adjust your nutrition habits this year! Try a new tip each week or talk to your LifeStart RD for questions and specific tips for your lifestyle!

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