Kate at 121 W. Wacker and 2 N. Riverside



Name: Kate Pfeifer

Location: 121 W Wacker & 2 North Riverside

Job Title: General Manager/Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @katepiff1

My Inspiration: My mom! She is 57 years old and working out 5 days a week, she is in awesome shape and able to do pretty much anything I can. I want to be able to stay healthy throughout my entire life so I am never limited to do anything I want to. I also find motivation/inspiration/workout ideas from people on YouTube I am subscribed to!

Favorite Teaching Moment: I can't think of a favorite teaching moment off the top of my head but I love when I see the smiles come out of everyone when they are finally finished with the workouts!

Fitness Philosophy: I believe fitness should be fun! You shouldn't hate working out, or dread exercise. I think everyone can do fitness in their own way. Find what works for you and what you enjoy and go with it!

Favorite Workout: Running & HIIT circuits!

Favorite Workout Snacks: Toast with peanut butter & banana with a drizzle of honey!

Random Fact: I am obsessed with dogs. I would probably have 6 if my landlord would allow it.

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