175 W Jackson Trainers



Names: Kristin Fritts and Jon Calhoun

Location: 175 West Jackson

Job Titles: General Manager (Kristin) and Fitness Director (Jon)

Instagram Handles: @frittsk @jonjoncalhoun

My Inspiration:

Kristin - My inspiration comes from seeing others find the best version of themselves through their own hard work and dedication. I love seeing my clients work hard and be comfortable in their own skin, it pushes me to be a better version on myself each day.
Jon - My family. All of my family members work hard and sacrificed a lot to get where they are at now. They inspire me to be up there with them, to be better.

Favorite Teaching Moment:

Kristin - I love teaching people how to squat for the first time or correcting their current squat form because it is such a fundamental movement that can provide a foundation for many other movements.
Jon - I love teaching the kettle bell swing!

Fitness Philosophy:

Kristin - I truly believe in overall wellness, in the mind and body, and providing your body with what it needs to function the best it can in all aspects of life. This looks different for each and every person and I think that is something we should all embrace and be proud of.
Jon - Find comfort and peace within your mind and body. Let the outside world, good and bad, lead you to a safe place in your fitness. Paying attention to the small details and basics with drive your success.

Favorite Workout:

Kristin/Jon - total body HIIT workout that includes some sprints, ropes, box jumps, burpees, and kettle bells!

Favorite Pre/Post-Workout Snacks:

Kristin - Pre: banana or oatmeal/ Post: Almond butter or peanut butter with an apple
Jon - Pre: oatmeal or PB&J/ Post: Chicken and vegetables

Random Fact:

Kristin/Jon - We like to think we can dance, so we spend a lot of time having fun and dancing around the gym

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