Ask the Professional: Least Favorite Exercise



by Lindsey Herr

Sometimes it can be hard to get through a workout- especially if it is not an exercise you enjoy. These fitness professionals feel the same way! They're human after all!

What is your least favorite exercise/workout activity? Do you make yourself do it anyway? How do you overcome that?

Chris Graves: LifeStart GM and CPT

I absolutely despise swimming, but as a triathlete it's kinda important. I do make myself do it, but I realize with completing a swim workout opens up time for me to focus on biking and running, the two things I love to do!

Mary Beth Stehlik: LifeStart GM and CPT

Running speed/track workouts. I don't do them as much as I should. The way I overcome it is to create or use a training program that includes detailed weekly speed work workouts. When I am following a plan, I hold myself accountable to complete what is on the paper everyday... and yes, I have it with me during the workout to remind me of the task at hand.

Paul Young: Lifestart GM and CPT

I don't really enjoy doing mobility work, foam rolling, and stretching. I still make myself do it by doing at least one of the activities when I need to take a mental break from something. Also, I once heard, "If something is important, do it every day", and recovery is very important! The great thing about these exercises is that you don't have to be in a gym, or have workout clothes on to improve movement and recover quicker. I will take 10 minutes for each of these at some point throughout the day. If I have a longer break, I'll do all of them.

Katie Schwartz: LifeStart GM and CPT

My least favorite workout activity are my corrective exercises because they are so passive and take time. I make myself still do them daily because of the consequences my body will feel if I go days without doing them. It's easy to always go for instant gratificatio, which during a workout may be that exercise or cardio that gives you the biggest burn, but if you don't do the correctives eventually the exercises you enjoy you can't do anymore... Always look at the BIG picture!

Vanessa Theis: LifeStart GM and CPT

I use to really struggle with keeping up a good stretching/flexibility routine. I would hate to stretch and would never incorporate it into my workouts. This became an issue for me as I started encountering a number of different injuries that either stopped me from exercising or made my workouts less effective. About 6 years ago, I decided to try yoga to help recover from an injury. It was incredibly hard for me at first, but I loved how it made me feel and the sense of community in each class. The variety of poses and yoga culture made stretching more enjoyable and something I felt I needed in my routine. So I decided to keep it up. Now I'm consistently doing yoga each week and staying injury free. I also became a Certified Yoga Instructor to expand my practice and help others find it's benefits who are in similar situations. Obviously, yoga isn't for everyone but when you're missing something from your routine it's important to find what works for you. Finding yoga was definitely the solution to my problem.

Christine DeSouza: LifeStart Fitness Director and CPT

I hate high knees and foot fire.  Yes.  I yell playfully through it or anything else that gets really hard for that matter.

Jamie Regan: LifeStart GM and CPT

My least favorite exercise would have to be pull-ups. This is solely because they are the most challenging for me. I do try to incorporate in my weekly workouts because I do feel accomplished and strong after completing them. I have also found practicing pull-ups has made me hate them a tad less.

Michael Hueras:LifeStart GM

I hate to do lunges but I make myself do them anyways.  I don't like them because they can be difficult and awkward for me, but I know they are good for developing and maintaining unilateral strength and balance. I use to hate squats as well but now they are one of my favorite exercises and I tell myself that lunges will be too if I keep doing them.

Becca Egan: LifeStart GM

Thrusters (squat to overhead press). I do it anyways because it is a great movement and hits multiple major muscle groups. And I like to tell myself that the more I do them the less I'll hate them.

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