Presidents Plaza Trainers


Name: Becca Egan

Fitness Center Location: Presidents Plaza

Job Title: General Manager

Instagram Handle: @becca_eegs

My Inspiration: I like following a lot of fitness people on Instagram and YouTube. They always have good workouts and the ones I follow are mainly women that aren't afraid to be strong and show it off! I particularly like following Danielle Waltman (@daniellewaltman) and Karina Elle (@karinaelle). They really put an emphasis on strength but also do a wide variety.

Favorite Teaching Moment: When a client tells me that he or she has noticed (or others have) their progress either though the fit of their clothes or the activities they do that are now easier. It's also fun to see a client the next day and have them tell you with a smile on their face that one part of them is sore from their previous workouts. Everyone has a love hate relationship with soreness :)

Fitness Philosophy: Lift something heavy and sweat most days of the week. Preferably do something that accomplishes both at the same time!

Favorite Workout: I'm a big squat fan. I like any workout that has me doing 30+ heavier squats along with other lower body work like kettle bell swings, deadlifts, and lunges to really kill that lower body. But to break it up I like throwing in push ups, tricep work, and burpees. I'm probably the only person in the world that likes and will voluntarily do burpees.

Favorite Pre- / Post-Workout Snack: Pre-workout snack I like is any kind of fruit and/or almonds (with chocolate chips mixed in if I'm feeling crazy).
Post-workout I always have a vegan protein shake (as long as I've lifted weights in come capacity). Or I'll do fruit or greek yogurt.

Random Fact About You: When I was 11 I was goal keeper on a travel soccer team and our first game of the season (previous season we were undefeated) I was slide tackled by another player trying to score and she broke my growth plate in my right knee. I had to wear a leg length cast for 4 weeks. I was out most of the season. I believe that is partially the reason I'm not taller.

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