Erin at 181 W. Madison



Name: Erin Kelly

Location: 181 West Madison

Job Title: Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @bellnskells

My Inspiration: In high school I had a gym teacher who really inspired me to make my health a priority. She made fitness fun and when applying to colleges I realized I wanted to do the same thing; inspire others to make their health a priority and to have them truly enjoy it! Seeing others work really hard for their goals inspires me to keep working towards mine.

Favorite Teaching Moment: Some of the classes I teach have intimidating names like Bootcamp and Tread & Shred so when a new face comes in they seem a little nervous...not really knowing what to expect. I love seeing that new member that maybe doesn't have much confidence come in, take the class, finish it, see that they CAN do it, enjoy it, and keep coming back every week!

Fitness Philosophy: Life happens! Everyone has set backs, it's those that get back up, try again, and push harder that are successful!

Favorite Workout: Legs for days! I also enjoy a great spin or kickboxing class!

Favorite Snacks:

  • Pre-workout snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter RX Bar
  • Post-Workout Snack: I try to time my workouts to my meals so I usually will eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner after my workouts!

Random Fact: I went to South Africa for a volunteer trip and during that trip I got scratched by a cheetah!

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