Ask the Professional: What fitness books/articles have Impacted you?


What health and fitness related book, website, article etc. has made an impact on you?

Marc Lansing, LifeStart Fitness Director, 311 and 10 S Wacker

  1. Squat university for anything squat, mobility or form related.

  2. Supple leopard for flexibility and mobility things.

  3. Juggernaut Training Systems for anything strength related.

Samantha Fong, Lifestart Fitness Director, LifeStart at Boar’s Head

  1. Before becoming a personal trainer, I used Kayla Itsines' site a lot for exercises specific for my needs and body type. Now, I use it to look for different exercises for myself and my clients.

  2. Popsugar Fitness

Michelle Williams, LifeStart General Manager

  • Shape Magazine for new workout moves I can incorporate into my classes and training

Cara Simpson, LifeStart General Manager, Club Samsung

  • Nike Training Club app

Joseph McGannon, LifeStart Fitness Director, Phoenix

  • The Reactive Training Manual for powerlifting

Paul Young, LifeStart General Manager, 401 N Michigan

  • Todd Durkin's WOW Book

Linda Mueller, LifeStart General Manager, 125 S Wacker

  • Run Less, Run Faster. It helped get me my marathon PR of under 3:30

Michael Hueras, LifeStart General Manager, 125 High Street in Boston

  • Their exercise database really helped when I was first starting out as a trainer.

Chris Graves, LifeStart General Manager, 155 N Wacker

  • Everyday is Gameday by Mark Verstegen

Michael Schwartz, LifeStart Fitness Director, LifeStart Gym @ Gallagher

  • Becoming a Supple Leopard By Kelly Starrett

Julie-Rae Steinmeyer, LifeStart General Manager, Renaissance Athletic Club

  • Todd Durkins WOW book

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