by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: TRX Row

Muscle Groups Targeted: Back, shoulders, chest, biceps, core

Importance: This movement builds upper body strength and stability using your body weight against you.

Proper Form:

  • The straps of the TRX straps should be pulled so the tabs are at the top but there is no excess or slack strap.
  • Holding the rigid part of the handle
  • Face the anchor point
  • Lean back and have arms fully extended
  • Palms facing each other with thumbs pointing up (neutral grip)
  • Make sure you are in a straight line from heels to shoulders
  • Make sure chin is not tucked in, keep neck in neutral position
  • Lift your toes and brace against your heels to activate core and balance
  • Keep your shoulders back and hips up (not sagging)
  • Pull your body towards the anchor point and keep elbows close to your body
  • Once palms are to your rib cage, extend arms again and return to starting

Overhand grip
Have palms facing down and thumbs facing inward
Elbows should come out wide
* this will target the upper back and chest more *
Underhand grip
Have palms facing up and thumbs facing outward
Elbows should stay close to the body
* this will target the biceps more

Sample Workout:

*5 Rounds*

  • 15 TRX rows
    • 5 neutral grip
    • 5 overhand grip
    • 5 underhand grip
  • 10 push ups
  • 5 squat with heavy press

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