E is for Energy



E | Energy

by Lindsey Herr

Energy our bodies use comes from calories. A calorie is a unit of heat that tells you how much energy a food item will provide the body. Not all calories should be treated equally because some foods fuel your body better, and for a longer time, than others. Sustained energy comes from complex carbs, protein, and a moderate amount of good fats. Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for our body and should make up ~50% of your daily caloric intake. Choosing the right carbohydrates for sustained energy is important. Simple carbohydrates like candy and baked goods will not keep you full and satiated for long at all. Complex carbohydrates are the ones we want.

Here are some sample snacks and meals to provide you the smartest and longest-lasting energy throughout the day!

Here’s a list of snacks and small meals that will give you great sustained energy:

  1. Egg + whole wheat toast

  2. Oatmeal + milk or peanut butter

  3. Carrots + peanut butter (...sounds gross...don’t knock it til you try it!)

  4. ½ cup lowfat yogurt

  5. ½ avocado + whole wheat crackers

  6. 1 cup baked sweet potato chunks (made with olive oil)

  7. Cheese stick + ½ medium apple

  8. ¼ cup Almonds + dried cranberries (with no added sugar)

  9. Small glass of milk

  10. Medium banana + peanut butter

BONUS: Power Balls (See Randi’s recipe on Saturday)

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