Trainers at 100 South Wacker


by Lindsey Herr

Name: Hailey Brady

Fitness Center: 100 S Wacker and 311 S Wacker

Job Title: Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @haileylbrady

My Inspiration: My inspiration comes primarily from my amazing clients and the LifeStart professionals I work with on a daily basis. Before having the opportunity to work in corporate wellness, my biggest inspiration was, and still to this day, is my mom. Growing up she encouraged my sister and I to try every sport possible. She pushed me to try new things, step outside my comfort zone, and especially to challenge myself. She has been a Group Exercise instructor for nearly 20 years, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer, seasoned marathoner and pacer for countless races. Growing up I watched my mom break her own personal records time and time again. Not only in races, but she would continually do more push-ups, lift heavier weight, hold longer, more challenging plank variations, increase her flexibility etc. She expects 120% from her clients, from my family, and of course, from herself. In 2016 her New Years Resolution was to race a half marathon every single month. Not only did she complete this, but she decided to race an additional two marathons... just to challenge herself (she insists it was fun)! While my mom is very athletic, she's admittedly not a great swimmer, but she has never let that stop her from competing in sprint and full triathalons over the years. Watching her prepare and push herself to do something out of her comfort zone was really eye opening for me. I admire her drive, passion, and refusal to accept defeat.

Through multiple injuries that certainly should've sidelined her, she did not give up . My mom only saw them as learning opportunities. She worked with physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors to heal the injuries and learn how she could take better care of muscles and joints while continuing to achieve her goals. Lastly, my mom meets everyone where they are in their fitness journey. Regardless of someones experience in the gym, their age, their attitude, or their capabilities, she can find common ground and genuinely connect with everyone she meets. Having my mom as a role model has certainly helped grow my love for health and wellness, and her support has helped me to challenge myself in both my personal and professional goals. No matter what your activity level is or where you are in your health journey, it's imperative to set small/ achievable goals for yourself. When you achieve them, you will find motivation to keep moving forward and continue challenging yourself daily.I can't think of one that stands out from just enjoying teaching clients new things day-to- day... but I would have to say I really enjoy teaching women to lift heavier weights and how to do it properly. Many women don't like to stray from their normal routine in the gym. They may be intimidated or not comfortable with performing compound movements, like a barbell squat, deadlift, or bench press, on their own. I know the feeling because in high school I used to work out in a large commercial gym, the weight room was predominantly males, and I was worried that people would be able to tell that I didn't know what I was doing (and in all honesty...I really did not know what I was doing)!!

Favorite Teaching Moment: Something as simple as showing someone how to align the height on the squat rack properly, how to load the weight on and off the barbell, how to properly deadlift, how to increase weight safely or how to modify a move such as a pull-up so they can work their way up to a full pull-up down the road. I never want intimidation, or misinformation to stop someone from beginning a exercise program or resistance training program. Lifting appropriately heavier weight will not make you look manly or bulky... it WILL help you see the results you want faster, feel stronger and more confident, and progress your training all around.

Fitness Philosophy: Never stop competing with yourself and challenging yourself. It's not about your neighbor, your friend, the girl in your pilates class/the dude in the weight room etc. it's about YOU. You don't have to run a marathon, lift ___ weight, lose ___ weight, or look any particular way if that's not what interests you. Maybe its challenging yourself to try one new vegetable a week, get more sleep and make it a lasting habit, speak with a therapist about your stress etc.
There is nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to your health. By competing with yourself, I don't mean driving yourself crazy trying to fit into a pair of jeans that haven't fit in 10 years. While that may be an okay goal for some people, it may not for many. What I mean is, always strive for better. This is your life, as cliche as it is, you only get one and you deserve the best! Don't be ashamed, overwhelmed, or unavailable when it comes to making your physical, mental, emotional, and social health a priority.

Favorite Workout: Leg day and core! Squats, barbell hip thrusts, dead lifts etc. Favorite core moves are plate passes and hollow hold rolls (shown in video) anchored legs lifts, snow angels, decline bench sit-up variations, and cable crunches.

Favorite Pre/Post Workout Food:

Pre Workout - Peanut butter sandwich using Nuts N' More Protein Peanut Butter and Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread
Post Workout- 1 hard boiled egg, 1 hard boiled egg white and fresh pineapple or berries

Random Fact: I went to the Ellen Degeneres show with my mom for my 16th birthday and was called on stage to play one of her audience games. The winner of the game got tickets and expenses paid trip to the Grammy Awards. I had to wear a HUGE sumo suit and an Elvis Presley wig. The game included trivia questions about the Grammy Awards and we had to *attempt* to run and beat one another to the front of the stage to answer the question. I unfortunately lost the game, but still won a TV! Plus, the video of me face planting multiple times on national television is priceless.

Name: Brian Halling

Fitness Center: 100 South Wacker

Job Title: Senior Manager

Instagram Handle: @Bhalling13

My Inspiration: Inspiration for me is always changing and evolving as I progress through my own fitness journey, as well as my career. I look up to those who not only find success in their profession, but also have balance in their life. I am most inspired by people who have earned their way, and are humble by nature.

Favorite Teaching Moment: When my first client out of college hit his weight-loss goal, and the appreciation that was shown. It was like hitting your first home-run in the fitness profession, and was a great feeling.

Fitness Philosophy: I believe that everyone identified differently with fitness, and will gravitate towards certain components whether it's strength, endurance, aerobic, body composition etc... I believe in capitalizing on what a person is most compliant with or enjoys, and creatively working in the other components in order to bring balance to a routine, and make it conducive to one's goals. And of course, try to make it FUN!

Favorite Workout:

Full body strength workout-

Barbell Squats: 5x8
RDL: 5x8
Reverse Barbell Lunge: 2x10

Barbell Bench Press/ 1-arm DB Row superset: 5x8
Barbell Shoulder Press/ Pull-up superset: 3x8
Bicep Curl/Reverse fly superset: 3x8

Favorite Pre/Post Workout Food: Peanut butter, banana, and honey on whole-grain bread

Random Fact: My BMI is 29

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