Patriotic Powerhouse



by Kate Dewar, RD, LDN

Get this tough, full body workout in before the Fourth of July festivities

Complete 2-3 rounds


Split Squat Jumps – 12 reps each leg

Perform a typical split squat using a block—but as you come up, push off of your foot and jump from side to side.

Front/Side Lunges – 8 rounds each leg

Holding a heavy medicine ball, perform a front lunge and push the ball overhead, push back and immediately fall into a side lunge, keeping the ball in towards the chest.

Heavy Kettle Bell squats – 15 reps

Perform a regular squat, holding the Kettle Bell in by the chest or hanging straight down.

Single-Leg Calf Raises – 15 reps each leg

On a leg press machine (or on a block in a standing position), complete 15 calf raises each leg.

Glute Bridge Series – 15 reps each

Perform glute bridge hip raises with a heavy dumbbell or bar resting on the hips. Remove the weight and perform 15 reps of single leg hip raises on each leg. Killer!

Rolling Push-ups – 10 each side

Using a medicine ball (or a basketball, volleyball, etc) assume a pushup position with one hand on top of the ball. Perform one pushup and roll it to the other hand.

Front & Back Press – 1-2- 3-2- 1 reps

With a barbell, perform a press starting from the chest, push up, and then perform a press behind the head. You will start with one rep each way, then two reps, and then three… and then go all the way back to one!

Bicycles – 60 reps (each side counts as 1)

Perform a classic bicycle making sure you are really crunching those obliques and working to get that elbow to knee connection.

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