Matt at Esplanade


Name: Matt Segawa

Fitness Center Location: Esplanade Downers Grove

Job Title: Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @maxapogee

My Inspiration: As a kid I wanted to be like the action movie stars of the 80's and 90's! They looked good, seemed like they could do anything, and I wanted that for myself. As I got into fitness, my body changed as well as my mindset. The amount of confidence I gained through fitness is something I love to share with everyone.

Favorite Teaching Moment: Working with a member or client for the first time. The beginning of a fitness program is a very important time and I love making that experience educational, motivating, and fun.

Fitness Philosophy: Keep it simple. People often try to learn about fitness & nutrition from magazines, the internet, etc and overthink the process. Focusing on the fundamentals and being consistent can produce great results.

Favorite Workout: Calisthenics/ body weight. Your body is the best piece of equipment out there! Learn how to use it properly and you'll have the best workouts of your life.

Favorite Pre/Post-Workout Snack: A simple strawberry flavored protein shake is all I need.

Random Fact About You: Despite playing sports my whole life, I have never broken a bone.

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