Dane at 200 Public Square



Name: Dane Halle

Fitness Center Location: 200 Public Square

Job Title: General Manager

Instagram Handle: @hurridane

My Inspiration: For a period of about two years I used to train a woman in her mid 90's (she was 95-96 when we worked together). She was incredibly witty and fun to work with and considering her age, was still in great shape. Working with her over that time really gave me a sense of what it's like to lead a long, happy life. She was able to do the things she did at that age and was so sharp mentally because of her active and healthy lifestyle. She was awesome to work with and really taught me a lot about the life I want and need to live, even if she didn't realize.

Favorite Teaching Moment: There are always those clients that will lose some weight/inches and make a physical transformation which is always rewarding to see, but when I see how it changes them on the inside it's even better. I had a client who when we first started had very low self-esteem and no self confidence, partly due to how she viewed her outward appearance. Over time as we started to work together, she really became invested in the process and it totally transformed her inside and out as the results started to come. Along with the inches that came off, she had a whole new confidence about her that totally changed her whole persona- she was a totally different person. Its always great to see the inward/emotional transformation that comes along when someone really buys in to the program.

Fitness Philosophy: There is no secret workout or magic diet pill that will do the work for you. Great transformation comes from consistency in the basics- sound nutrition habits and moving frequently. Each don't have to be perfect and we can even afford cheat days here and there, which is actually important to have, but then be sure to get right back on it. The little things add up over time!

Favorite Workout: I have been an athlete all my life and was always involved in sports. I still play soccer today and it can be a great workout. I love to wear my MYZONE belt during the games and look at the report after and see my % Max HR jump into the mid-upper 90's at times when in the game I didn't even realize. It's a fun way for me to relive stress and get a great workout without even thinking about it.

Favorite Pre/ Post-Workout Snack: My favorite pre-workout snack is oatmeal with almonds, berries and milk. Favorite post-workout snack is a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread with chocolate milk or a protein shake!

Random Fact About You: Ironically, I have a really big sweet tooth and have a hard time eating any sort of vegetable! I know, not the best example for my clients. I try to limit the sweets to mainly weekends and force myself to eat vegetables by disguising them with other foods or putting them in shakes (and my wife does a good job at hiding them in certain foods without me knowing). It's a daily struggle for me but I do my best!

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