by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: Plank

Muscle Groups: If done correctly, a plank will work all groups.

Importance: A strong core is important for long term health and injury/pain prevention.

Proper Form:

Elbows on a mat or ground, directly below your shoulders.
Fingers interlaced.
Straight line from your shoulders to your toes.
Hips not up or sagging.
Gaze should be on hands, not straight ahead or at your feet.
Every muscle should be contracted.
- squeeze your hands together to activate your biceps.
- make sure your shoulders are down and not up around your ears.
- drive elbows into the ground and towards your hips to activate your lats.
- brace your core, if someone was to come up and poke you, it should feel solid.
- squeeze your glutes together.
- pull up your knee caps to engage your quads.

You should be slightly shaking within 15-25 seconds. You should not be able to hold this pose longer than a minute. If you are, you are not engaging every muscle enough.

Sample Workout:

5 rounds
:30 second plank
:30 second jump rope
:30 second jump squats
:30 alternating bicep curls
rest :30-:60 second between round

10 -15 minute total workout

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