Ask the Professional: Preventing Boring Workouts



by Lindsey Herr

How do you prevent workouts from getting boring and plateauing?

Our LifeStart professionals know that workouts can get boring. Here are the tips and tricks of the trade to not let yourself get bored of your routine (HINT: ditch the routine).

Linda Mueller:  

“I try to regularly incorporate new moves.”

Marc Lansing:
"Progression. Whether that is weight or even harder exercises that do the same thing. Or even throw two exercises together that aren't too dangerous."

Michelle Williams:

"During my workouts I read magazines, watch youtube videos, and follow others in the field on social media for inspiration!"

Vanessa Theis:

"I find the best way to keep workouts from getting boring is to not only add a variety of exercises, but also doing exercises you truly enjoy. The fact that I actually enjoy running outside has kept me doing it since college. However, I make sure it's not the only way I exercise. I also incorporate cycling, strength training and yoga in my routine. I enjoy doing all these as well, so it doesn't feel like a chore to have to workout. Adding a variety of exercises is also a great way to keep your body from plateauing. The best method I've found to beat a plateau is adding intervals. I try to incorporate interval training to a lot of my runs now, and also to my strength training routines. Using my MyZone belt has also helped encourage me to work harder and push myself. Before I used it, I definitely wasn't working out as hard as I could. It's been a great tool to beat plateaus and it keeps workouts from becoming boring by adding a social component. Using Strava also adds a social component to my runs and bike rides that helps keep things interesting."

Brian Halling:

  • "Change the focus every 4-6 weeks (basic micro-cycles) whether it's improving strength, improving endurance, improving power. Having something new to dial in on will make it more interesting for you and your client, as well as provide the ability for continuous progress.
  • Change equipment....You can perform the same movements on 10+ pieces of equipment in the facility, and each have their own benefit. Be careful not to get trapped into only using certain pieces of equipment for certain goals.
  • Change settings....Visit different gyms, train outside, get out of the typical space you are used to. A fresh environment is always motivating."

Jamie Regan:

"Currently, I am training for the Chicago Marathon so, at times, I do need to spice things up. I will switch up my routes from running on the 606 trail, city lakefront, treadmill or exploring new routes in the suburbs. When I am not running, to keep the cross training workouts exciting, I will take a different classes. Some of my favorites are pilates, yoga and cycling. I also set workout goals,  once I reach that goal I will treat myself to something wellness related (new running top, shoes, green juice etc.)."

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