Ask the Professional: Debunking Health/Fitness Myths



by Lindsey Herr

"What is a health myth you would like to debunk?"

When given the ultimate power of debunking a health/fitness myth, these LifeStart pros had a lot to say!

Sharon Mehalek, Director of Account Management

"The myth that they want to lose weight before they start lifting weights, They want to do all cardio so they don't bulk up or get too big!  Meanwhile, if they built muscle, as we all know, they would burn more calories while they were doing their cardio or even at rest!"

Lauren Floyd RD, LDN

"I really dislike the myth that fat makes you fat. Fat doesn't make you fat. As long as it's a good quality like nuts, seeds, avocado, etc it can actually help your body burn fat better. It's processed carbs and refined sugars that are more likely to be stored as fat on your body."

Nick Gianatasio, CPT

"If I had the ultimate power of debunking my least favorite fitness myth?!.......It would be the fear that lifting heavy weights makes people bulky!  If resistance training is part of your overall fitness plan (and of course I'm going to say it should be), mixing up things like intensity, volume, tempo, and rest time are key to continual progress when weight training!"

Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

"That cardio (or just running) is the way to lose weight. Yes it helps but that cannot be the only thing you're doing. You aren't going to be working your muscles the way they want to be and you're not going to get that "toned" look everyone wants. More often than not, people that JUST do cardio are "skinny fat", meaning they are slim, but have a higher body fat percentage than you would think. Weight lifting NEEDS to be in everyone's routine."

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