Foam Roll Like a Pro!


by Kate Dewar, RD, LDN

Soothe sore muscles with these foam rolling techniques:

Hip Flexors

Place roller under hip flexors and roll up and down from hip to mid-thigh.

IT Band

Lying on your side, with the top leg over for support, roll the outer side of the leg between the knee and hip. Switch sides.


Use your body weight to roll out hamstrings from knee to glute with hands behind you for support.


In the same position as the hamstring roll position, place one ankle on the other thigh (creating a “4”). Roll out the glute in the same fashion.


Place calves on top of the roller. Pushing yourself back and forth with hands behind you, gently roll out the entire length of the calf muscle.

Upper Back

Laying with your back on top of the roller, use your feet to push up and down to roll out your mid- to upper back.

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