Don’t Resist!

resistance band.jpeg


by Malorie Siperko, Dietetic Intern

The Workout: 3 rounds; 45 seconds each

The Moves:

Bicep Curl

Place feet on top of band; shoulder width apart. With hands in handles curl arms up towards your chest with palms facing upward and return to sides.

Cross Band Pull Back

Place feet on top of band; cross the bands grabbing the handles. Bend knees and hinge forward with a straight back. Pull band so handles come near the chest and shoulders.

Skater Squats

Place feet on top of band; stand with feet under hips. Step one leg out and squat pulling the band up towards your chin. Repeat on other side.


Stand with one foot on band and hands in the handles; lunge forward pulling the handles toward your chin. One side at a time, 30 seconds each.

Flutter Kicks

Place your feet in the handles of band; lie down holding the center of the band, pulling it up towards you. Lift both feet off the floor simultaneously moving one up and the other down.

Wood Choppers

Place one foot on band with feet shoulder width apart. Hold one handle with both hands; slowly pull the band above your head making sure to keep your arms straight. 45 sec each side.

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