Grab A Partner!


by Kate Dewar, RD, LDN

THE WORKOUT: 3 rounds ; 15 Reps each


Partner Plank High Fives

Face your partner in a plank position. Alternate hands and high five each other. Right and Left counts as one rep!

Single Leg Squat

Face your partner and grab each other’s hands. Alternate feet while performing single leg squats. Right and Left counts as one rep!

The Wheelbarrow

Hold your partners feet while they are in a plank position. Your partner will perform one push- up, and then you will perform one squat.

Crunch and Toss

Touching feet with your partner, perform regular sit-ups while passing a medicine ball each time you come up.

Do the Twist

Standing back to back to your partner, get into a squat or wall-sit position. Take a medicine ball and pass it side to side to really engage those obliques.

Leg Lift Pushes

One partner will lie on the ground to do regular leg lifts. Your partner will turn it up a notch by pushing your legs straight down and side to side. Try not to let those heels touch the ground!

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