Ask the Professional: How have you impacted your clients?

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As a health professional, there is a significant opportunity to make a large impact on the lives of clients, friends, and family. Whether it’s helping them fall in love with a sport, teaching someone their way around the produce section, or helping them lose weight for surgery- these pros have done it all! Here are some of our pros talking about a time they made a difference.

Tell me about a time you feel you really impacted someone’s life?

Sharon Mehalek- LifeStart Director of Account Management

“I trained someone for years and I ran into them after they left the area and couldn't train with me anymore. They remarked that every time they want to quit their healthy lifestyle, they think about what I had taught and said to them during our training time together.  They would hear me in their ear saying, ‘consistency is the key!’ and it was their motivational cue to continue.”

Nick Gianatasio- LifeStart CPT at Esplanade

“Working with my friend's father who was about 20 lbs. away from being able to start the operation on his knee. He brought fantastic effort to each and every training session and being able to learn some sign language from him (he is hearing impaired) has been a positive experience that I will take with me forever.”

“I had a client who used to hate working out. She dreaded coming to the gym, didn't eat healthy, and would never be seen in a group fitness class because she was too worried about what others thought of her. She did a complete 180 degree turn. She changed her diet completely, worked out 3 times a week with me, and did her own at home workouts. She fell in love with fitness dance classes and everything else went into place!”


Becca Egan- LifeStart General Manager

"One of my clients lost over 100 pounds in 8 months. She was on a very regimented diet but she said it was the workouts that kept her going. She looks so great and has kept the motivation up. She said she has so much more energy for her kids (6 and 2 years old)! Another client of mine was able to get off blood pressure medication and stay off it- and he tells me that his wife is very happy with his more muscular figure!"

This goes to show how our trainers and mangers can help you reach your goals at our fitness centers. Don't be afraid to reach out and seek assistance learning new machines, talking about your diet, or asking for a few pointers! 

*Some quotes edited for clarity*

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