Ask the Professional: Who do you look to for inspiration in the health and fitness industry?


by Hailey Brady, BS, ACSM-CPT

In elementary school my mom ran The Boston Marathon and my class tracked her progress online throughout the day. My classmates were in awe, myself included. I remember when I was little I looked up to coaches and older teammates as if they were celebrities. When you’re young, the people you look up to seem superhuman. I could barely complete the mile run in gym class without puking and here was my mom, willingly running 26.2 miles … and she made it look fun!

While my mom has always been an inspiration to me, I’ve looked up to countless friends and family, athletes, classmates, and pop culture figures through the years. I feel lucky to have had parents who prioritized living healthy and active lifestyles.  It has played an essential role in getting me to where I am today.

It’s more than likely that we’ve all had role models throughout our lives. While some of us may have had role models that promote health and wellness, many have not. No matter what age you are, its important to have role models to look to for motivation and inspiration.

This week we asked the professionals:

Who do you look to for inspiration in the health and fitness industry and why?

In a corporate wellness setting there is no shortage of inspiration. Everyday I’m surrounded by inspirational co-workers, clients, and members. Below you will find other influential health and fitness professionals that you can look to for credible information.

Taylor Chamberlain

A fellow Purdue University Alum, Taylor has a BS in Dietetics and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. As a, iSatori supplements, Bite Meals, and Gymshark sponsored athlete she has gained a large following on social media and well deserved respect in the industry. Her popular YouTube channel and her app, Fitness by T, are just a few of her many accomplishments.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Taylor about who she looks up to in the health and fitness industry. “Someone I look up to is Dr. Jacob Wilson. Nutrition and fitness research is primarily done on individuals who are inactive or unhealthy.  For athletes and someone like myself, that research is not always applicable. Dr. Wilson studies nutrition and fitness and performs research using athletes, bodybuilders, and the above average gym go-ers. His research has helped this field tremendously and I truly believe without him, we would all still be stuck in the “bro science” way of life! I admire his passion and drive to provide people with information we can use to benefit and optimize our training and nutrition!” Learn more about Dr. Jacob Wilson and Taylor Chamberlain by checking out the links below.



Instagram: @taychayy

Dr. Jacob Wilson

Instagram: @themusclephd

Hannah Ranfranz

Hannah and I both graduated from Purdue with a BS in Applied Exercise and Health. I admire her positivity and genuine passion to improve the lives of others through health and fitness. Hannah posts everything from weight loss success stories of her personal training clients to her own journey through her very first NPC bikini prep.

Instagram: @hannahranfranz


One of Hannah’s role models is Stephanie Ferry. “Stephanie is a super woman, balancing between her family, career, competing (winning her IFBB Bikini pro card), and training for triathlons. She does it all.”

Stephanie’s Instagram: @stephffit

“I love that she always keeps it real, she’s a goofball and has a great sense of humor.” When asked about her biggest inspiration Hannah credits her clients. “My biggest inspiration is my clients. Their hard work and motivation pushes me and keeps me motivated along my own fitness journey. They are the reason I love this job so much!”

Dr. Layne Norton PhD

Layne has BS in Biochemistry, a PhD in Nutritional Science and multiple scientific publications. Not to mention his extensive experience in professional powerlifting, bodybuilding and coaching some of the best in the industry. Check out his website and his podcast, Physique Science Radio below.

Dr. Michael Acanfora of The Wellness Institute

Another one of my role models is my uncle, Dr. Michael Acanfora, DC. As a chiropractor and holistic health professional, he has had the opportunity to work with many influential health and wellness professionals including New York Times best selling authors, researchers, and specialists.

Dr. John Demartini

Robb Wolf

Chris Kresser

Sean Croxton

Dave Asprey

Check out the Beyond Your Wildest Genes podcast

LifeStart Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and CPT, Randi Komisar

Randi is inspired by Registered Dietitian, Dawn Jackson Blatner. “She and I share the same nutrition philosophies and I am always learning something new from her.” Dawn is the Author of The Flexitarian Diet and The Superfood Swap. Did I mention she’s the Dietitian for the Chicago Cubs?!


LifeStart General Manager and CPT, Paul Young

Paul makes the most of his time spent on social media by following credible health and fitness professionals. “These people constantly post new insights on how to approach fitness in different ways. Everyone is on social media all the time, so for me, instead of using it to kill time, I use it to learn something new or remember forgotten exercises”.

Check out Paul’s suggestions below:





LifeStart Fitness Director and CPT, Ashley Schroeder

A few of Ashley’s inspirations include Cody Sattler, and Jessica Nightingale. Cody was a former contestant on The Bachelorette and is now a well-known Personal Trainer. Jessica is an NPC bikini competitor and an Optimum Nutrition athlete.

Cody’s Instagram: @codysattler

More information about Jessica

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