Posture Positives

You’ve probably heard your trainer, group exercise instructor, or mother, tell you more than once to stand up tall, sit up tall, don’t slouch. And there are big reasons they do this. Consistently bad posture can lead to consistent back and neck pain or discomfort. Maintaining proper posture —or structural alignment—is important during workouts and throughout our whole day. 

Jobs and lifestyles where we're sitting for long periods of time can weaken our muscles and joints leading to the common problem of back and neck pain. Becoming aware of our posture, and correcting it when we notice we're slouching or sitting / standing tall can have a great impact on our quality of life.

IDEA rounds up several posture positives: 

1. Mood Booster or Buster

Your mood can dictate your alignment - but the reverse can be true as well! Brighten your mood by standing tall.

2. Reserve Energy

Slouching can actually use up more of your energy! 

3. Confidence Builder

Just by practicing proper posture can have a positive influence on the view you have of yourself!

4. Breath Booster

Increase your breath capacity by maintaining proper posture! This makes sure you are getting the oxygen you need to support your workouts.

Source: IDEA