Slam Ball Workout


by Amanda Fitzpatrick, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI

Take your mid-week aggression out and relieve some stress during this week’s Wednesday Workout, slam ball edition! Slam balls, despite their similar appearance to medicine balls, have a tough rubber exterior and do not bounce when thrown. This makes them more durable and capable of withstanding exercises of high-velocity impact. Using exercise as a way to release feelings of pent up aggression is a great natural stress reliever and exercise releases endorphins which leave you feeling refreshed, stress free, and positive! So grab a slam ball and let’s get sweating!

Complete 3 rounds! Do 10 reps of each exercise and finish with one 30 second plank.

Overhead Slam Ball: Starting with the slam ball raised overhead, bring the slam ball in front of you and throw it to the ground. Squat down to pick it up and lift it overhead again.

Squats: Hold the slam ball at chest level, similar to a goblet squat

Twisting Slam Ball: Begin with the slam ball raised overhead. In an arching motion, throw the ball to one side of you, squat down to pick it up with a slight twist through your torso, lift it up overhead and right away throw it down to the other side of you. HELLO OBLIQUES!

Squat and Overhead Wall Toss: Using your momentum, squat down with the slam ball at your chest and as you stand back up toss the ball overhead against a wall. Catch it as you begin to squat.

Uneven Push-up: Pushup with one hand on the ball. 10 reps on each side!

Seated Russian Twists: 1 twist to the right and left counts as ONE rep.

30 Second Plank Hold: In a high plank, place both hands on the ball. If you feel as though you need more of a challenge, do mountain climbers!