Be One With The Bosu


by Kate Dewar, RD, LDN

Balance training exercises are often overlooked. Using a Bosu ball can help improve balance and strength required for daily activities, body awareness, and sports. Try this killer Bosu ball workout to improve tone, balance, and strength.

BOSU Mountain Climber

Spice up those classic mountain climbers by adding the element of balance. Place hands on each side of the Bosu (flat side up) and begin your classic mountain climber.

BOSU Over-the-Top Squats

Add some agility to your workout. Begin lunging out to the side with one foot on the Bosu. Bring your foot in, so both feet are on the ball and then lunge out to the other side. Speed it up and get that heart rate going!

BOSU Russian Dead Lift

Amp up your classic RDL’s by standing on top of the Bosu.

BOSU Side Plank    

Use the Bosu as a cushion for your elbows you push up into your side planks. Feel the burn as you add balance to the challenge.


In the plank position, place on arm on the ball. With a dumbbell in the other hand, engage the core and begin a classic fly.