Complete Hip, Glute, and Core Workout


by Amanda Fitzpatrick, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI

Try out this great lower body workout with minimal equipment!

10 Quadruped Hip Extensions

Start in quadruped, lift your leg up maintaining a 90 degree bend in your knee and engaging your glutes

20 Quadruped Hip Extension Pulses

Keeping your leg lifted, pulse upward

10 Resistance Band Leg Extension

Holding a resistance band in your hands, wrap the band around your foot and press your foot back lengthening your leg to full extension

10 Quadruped Leg Abduction

Lifting your leg up to the side and back down

20 Straight Leg Pulses to the Side

With a straight leg extended out to the side, pulse up

10 Glute Bridges

Laying on your back, press your hips up and lower back down to your mat

10 Single leg Glute Bridges

Repeat the glute bridge but this time with one foot in the air

Repeat these exercises on the other leg for a complete hip, glute, and core workout!