Turn Your Yearly Quest for a Summer Body into Lifelong Improvement in Health & Fitness

by Hailey Brady, BS, ACSM-CPT

Summertime is quickly approaching and we all know what the means, swimsuit season is near. Without fail, each year there seems to be the same frenzy to get ‘swimsuit ready’ or work on your ‘summer body’. I’ve seen it in clients, family, friends, and admittedly at times in myself.


Is it expectations others have, or expectations you have of yourself?  The desire to obtain your ‘summer body’ can come from so many places. I’ve challenged myself to leave this notion behind and move forward with a progressive and continually evolving outlook on health.  I challenge you to do this as well.

Consider this:

If you continue to compare your progress to someone else’s, you will never be able to fully appreciate your own progress and accomplishments. Take time to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. Your success is independent of others.

With more and more research, medical professionals are realizing that diet plays a larger role in our health than we had originally thought. Often times our society associates diet with restriction. The widely accepted idea that a diet is temporary is why the weight loss and diet industry are so successful. There are thousands of trendy diets to choose from. From time to time, a celebrity or TV Doctor may promote one or another, causing it to gain popularity. More often than not, they slowly die out. Their once popular books end up lining the shelves of used bookstores.

The Takeaway:

Changing the way you think of weight loss and health can have a huge impact on the outcome of your goals.  Challenge yourself to make a lifestyle change, instead of a temporary change in diet. One of the best pieces of advice that my mom has given me is ‘ the best diet is the one you’ll stick with’.