Medicine Ball Workout


by Amanda Fitzpatrick, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI

Using one medicine ball, this workout will take you through a variety of exercises to target every muscle group and will leave you feeling sweaty and strong!

Complete 2-3 rounds with a 2 minute rest in between rounds.

15 Overhead squats: As you squat, overhead press the medicine ball

20 Reverse lunges with a twist: Hold the medicine ball at chest level, alternate reverse lunges and add a twist in the direction of the front leg

50 Russian Twists

30 Mountain Climbers: Begin in a high plank with both hands on the medicine ball

20 Glute bridges: Feet on the medicine ball

10 Rolling Push-ups: Push up with one hand on the ball. In your high plank position, roll the ball to your other hand and repeat

50 Quick feet toe taps: Place the medicine ball on the floor, toes taps on the ball

10 Lateral hops + burpees: Place the ball on the floor, jump over it laterally and complete a burpee

10 Plank roll outs: Begin in high plank with one hand on the medicine ball. Begin to roll the ball out in front of you and back in. 10 reps each side!

20 Table-top Sit ups: lying on your back with your knees stacked over your ankles, roll up and place the medicine ball on your shins, roll back down. Sit up and grab the medicine ball and roll down taking the medicine ball overhead as you lie down