Inner Strength

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.
— Bob Marley


North of the border this weekend, a band called The Tragically Hip put on what could be their final concert. Virtually unknown in the US, The Tragically Hip have been providing Canadians with a soundtrack to their lives for the past 30 years. Their lead singer, Canada’s unofficial poet laureate, Gord Downie, announced in May that he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The band decided that they would go ahead with their tour. What followed was nothing short of astounding as The Hip and Downie made their way across Canada. Downie’s courage and strength have inspired the nation and on Saturday night, Canada declared itself ‘closed’ for the evening as their band played the final concert of the tour in a small hockey arena in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. It was a three-hour long tour-de-force with

The point to this particular and somewhat obscure story is this:

There exists within each of us an inner reservoir of strength that we often don’t know is there until we need it.

Have you ever surprised yourself with what you can do? Maybe you had a deadline to meet and more work than you thought could realistically be done in the time allotted. Maybe you had to work your way through a nasty illness. Maybe you went through a particularly tough stretch of time in your life and found a strength you didn’t know was there.

It’s also possible that you’ve never had an experience that has asked you to call upon that inner reservoir of strength. It is there, nonetheless.

And you can call on it at any time.

You are stronger than you think.

You are capable of doing more than you think.

Now, think bigger and then do bigger.