Balance Training


 After warming-up & doing a little stretching, perform each exercise below for about a minute each, resting about 30-seconds before moving on to the next movement. Switch legs halfway between the minute to get both sides.

Add weights to the deadlift & squats for a more advanced version. Perform 1 round for 9 minutes, 2 rounds for 18 minutes, or 3 rounds for 27 minutes! Notice if one side is easier than the other or if your body tends to favor one side.

  • Single-leg Deadlift
  • Single-leg Balance Squat (may hold onto a wall)
  • Pistol Squat (may hold onto a bar or TRX)
  • Warrior III (pictured above)
  • Speed-skaters (bounding from one leg to the other)
  • Plank Punches