Partner Workout


Grab a friend and get moving with this fun, full-body workout! All you’ll need is a medicine ball, stability ball, and water of course! Remember to stay hydrated during the workout!

Complete 2-3 Rounds!

10 Plank Up-Down High Fives: Starting on your elbows, push up to a high plank and high-five your partner with opposite hands. Repeat and alternate hands!

20 Sit-up Medicine Ball Pass: Facing each other with feet together, one partner will start with the ball, lay back and sit-up while tossing the ball to the other partner. Alternate turns!

20 Back to Back Ball Squat: With the stability ball between your backs, squat down and up together.

30 Second Plank + Lateral Hops: One person holds a low plank while the other will hop over the person side to side. Switch exercises!

30 Second Russian Twist Passes: Sitting down back to back with enough room for each person to hinge back, begin Russian twists and pass the ball around!

15 Burpees with a High Five: Facing opposite directions while standing shoulder to shoulder, complete a regular burpee and as you jump, high five each other in the air!

10 Back to Back Side Plank with Rotation: Holding a side plank with your backs together, rotate and reach under to have your hands meet. Rotate open and repeat. Make sure to do both sides!

10 Partner Pistol Squats: Holding hands, stand on one foot with the other leg reaching out in front. Pull away from each other as you squat to the floor and stand up! Don’t forget to do each leg!

Water break and repeat!