Workout Hydration


Find the perfect balance between “too much” & “not enough” fluid intake, otherwise known as Euhydration, by monitoring your urine color. Look for the ideal light-yellow tinge. Drinking too much water can lead to Hyponatremia (i.e. very clear urine) & drinking too little water can lead to Dehydration (i.e. intensely yellow urine). Fight mid-workout fatigue & dry mouth symptoms with these simple-to-follow tips for hydrating for your workout!

Pre-Workout – 2 hours prior to exercise, drink 17 to 20 oz. H2O

During-Workout – every 10 to 20 minutes, drink 7 to 10 oz.; or drink based on sweat loss

Post-Exercise – drink 16 to 24 oz. for every pound lost during exercise