Stretch Your Flexibility


Flexibility is linked to lower incidence of muscle pulls & injuries during exercise; decreasing levels of soreness after a workout; & aiding in full range of motion of daily activities like walking up the stairs or bending down to pick up your children.

Start your days or workouts with a set of jumping jacks or jogging in place, because it is best to keep joints open & mobile after your body is already warm. Then, follow with 5 to 10 minutes of flexibility work in by easing into the stretch or a “pulling” feeling. Hold this tension for a few inhalations/exhalations & then relax. Repeat two to three more times with the same muscle-group to increase the distance stretched.

Stretching should be uncomfortable, not painful. As your body adapts to daily stretching, increase the time held in each position from a few breaths to 30 to 60 seconds. Stretch all major muscle groups, including fronts/backs of the legs, chest/arms, & lower back/obliques. Follow the simple guide below to get started & stretch your flexibility!