Got Low Back Pain?


Low back pain is more prevalent than you think. With office jobs that require sitting for long periods of time, low back pain is the common denominator for many individuals. Combat the pain with these tips:

If sitting is a must, use proper form:

  • Align ears with shoulders & keep chin parallel to the floor
  • Learn forward through the hips instead of rounding shoulders forward
  • Keep computer monitor at eye-level & keep frequently used items close

When lifting, think “safety first!” Take time to set up the movement, use a spotter or personal trainer for help, & use good lifting posture:

  • Feet placed shoulder-width apart
  • Stand near the heavy object & keep it close to the body
  • Avoid twisting/bending while holding heavy items
  • Bend at the knees while keeping core contracted while lifting/lowering

Avoid long periods of sitting/standing:

  • Set mini 5-minute walk-around/stretch breaks every hour