7 Tips to Start Your Week Off Right


Talk to yourself about the fact that every day is a new day.  Even though you may have veered off track a little bit, don’t throw in the towel.  You have the power to choose right now what your next decision will be.

Start your morning with water and lemon, or cucumber or mint or something fresh and clean first thing in the morning.  Drink plenty all day.  Flush your body by gently cleansing your liver this way.  If you start with a bite of cake, it might be hard to kick it for the rest of the day.

Do something  - ANYTHING - physical to get your blood pumping.  Go for a walk, fold the laundry as fast as you can,  commit to a 30 second plank hold, 25 crunches and 25 push ups and then decide from there, what else you are going to do.   It’s a lot harder to decide to skip your workout when you are already warm.

Review your goals. Do you have  a specific goal you are working toward?  Have you defined those goals and written them out?  Grab that place you wrote them and place it front and center. On your fridge, by your bed to read daily or even on your steering wheel. If you haven’t made any goals for the season, take 5 and make 5.

Kick added sugar for the day.  You can do it.  Don’t put anything in your mouth that has anything other than the natural sugar it grows with.  This will help reset your palette. If one day goes well, why not add a few more days of keeping your palette natural.

Freeze the sweets. Got not so healthy leftovers from your veer?  Freeze them or give them away.  Really.  If the rest of the household wants some, they can thaw it from the freezer.

Stock FRESH and prep some fresh staples.  Fresh fruit & veg, quinoa salad, and boiled eggs are just a few ideas.