Are You Making "Gains"?


Create friendly competition with yourself by measuring your fitness “gains”. Give each workout your all, whether or not you are just starting a new program or maintaining your progress. Start by setting aside 5 to 10 minutes to record your results for the following 3 self-tests. In a month, re-test yourself. Are you making “gains”? If your results stay the same, increase the intensity or frequency of your workout routine. If your data improves, you’re on track to re-test again in a month!

1. Record the longest amount of time you can hold a forearm plank. This number should increase as you build all-over abdominal/upper-body strength.

2. Record the longest amount of time you can hold a wall-sit. This number should go up as you build lower-body strength.

3. Measure your resting heart rate & then walk briskly for a minute. Re-measure your heart-rate. The smaller amount of change or spike in heart-rate the better.