125 High Street Trainer Tuesday



Name: Michael Hueras

Location: 125 High Street, Boston, MA

Job Title: General Manager

Instagram Handle: @whoknowsnoseknows

Fitness Inspiration: I was a big kid early in my life and struggled with my weight, physically and emotionally. I worked hard to lose the weight and get in shape. I don't plan on ever going back to that state. I now genuinely enjoy working out and I don't like how I feel when I take a few unplanned days off.

Favorite Teaching Moment: I always get a chuckle when I tell clients about the effects of alcohol on metabolism and weight management.

Fitness Philosophy: I often get asked, "What is the best thing you can do for exercise," or something along those lines. My answer is whatever keeps you coming back, consistently. I have seen many people come and go; work out for a few days or weeks and then take a month off or never come back. So whatever you enjoy and are willing to make time for most days of the week, do that. Whether it's running, yoga, Crossfit, power lifting, Zumba, or whatever, most people these days just need to move more and consistently build more activity into their daily routine in order to improve their health. Once they have that down, we can get more specific.I love lifting heavy. A heavy day of squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull-ups always feels good and lets me know where I stand.

Favorite Workout Snacks:

Pre-Workout: Carbs. In any form, simple or complex depending on my timing.
Post-Workout: Banana and a protein shake

Random Fact: I was a 6'2" munchkin in my eighth grade class' rendition of The Wizard of Oz, however I was still not the tallest "munchkin."

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