TRX Bicep Curl Form



by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: TRX Bicep curl

Muscle Groups Targeted: Biceps, core

Proper Form:

  • Holding the TRX handles in each hand, turn yourself to face the anchor point
  • Assume a split-stance position with both feet facing forward and maintain this foot position throughout the exercise
  • Stiffen your torso by contracting your core/abdominal muscles ("bracing"), and pull your shoulder blades down and back
  • Gently lean backwards, shifting your body weight over your back leg while extending (straightening) your elbows positioned at chest height
  • Keep your wrists in neutral (straight, not bent) with palms facing the ceiling and elbows pointing towards the floor
  • Concentrate on keeping your scapulae retracted and do not let your shoulders roll forward. Keep your head and spine aligned, and avoid any sagging in the low back
  • Exhale and slowly bend your elbows by pulling your entire body towards your hands
  • Your elbows should remain in front of and pointed away from your body and your wrists should remain in the neutral position
  • Maintain a stiff torso aligning your head and spine, and avoid any sagging or aching in your low back or hips
  • While maintaining your rigid torso, inhale and slowly lower your body back towards your starting position, straightening your elbows without your shoulders rolling forward.
  • Keep your head and spine aligned together
  • Repeat


  • The further your feet are from the anchor point (body more upright) the less intensity
  • The closer your feet are to the anchor point (body closer to the ground) the higher intensity
  • Make sure to extend your elbows COMPLETELY on every rep
  • Keep elbows up as you curl, don't let them come in towards your body

Sample Workout:

10 TRX curls
5 push ups
10 dumb bell curls
5 burpees
10 skull crushers
5 heavy overhead press

Compete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes for a bicep burn!

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