W is for Water



by Lindsey Herr

Water is the stuff of life. We dive into it, we look for it on Mars, and most importantly - we drink it. Our body is made of mostly water and it is essential to our health. Here are the top 5 reasons to focus on drinking more water.


  1. Water Energizes:

    1. When our cells don’t have adequate water supply, they can’t perform their job properly. Supplying them with water allows muscles, especially during exercise, to work at the highest level. The first thing you should do in the morning is drink some cold water! This will wake you up and give your body the water its been craving for the last 7 or 8 hours!

  2. Soft Skin and Lips:

    1. As I said above - we’re made of water! Without water, the appearance of our skin diminishes greatly. Our lips dry up and crack and skin just doesn’t have the same shine it had before. Drink up for beauty!

  3. Natural Cleanser:

    1. Our kidneys need water to help cleanse our blood and urine. You know the ever-so-popular juice cleanse? Well...the kidneys got us covered. No need to spend lots of money on juices. Just give your body the water it needs and the kidneys will go to work doing what they do best - filtration!

  4. Weight Loss Aide:

    1. Water has the ability to curb your appetite (fill you up) and boost your metabolism. Studies suggest that drinking plenty of water before a meal will decrease the uber of calories you consume at the meal. So, drink up for weight control!

  5. The BEST Option:

    1. The ultimate reason to drink water is because it’s the best (that’s an actual fact). The other options out there aren’t great -soda, sports drinks, flavored milks, etc. There are too many sugar-sweetened beverages that can guide you the wrong way and put a damper on all the hard work you do in the gym. Water is calorie-free and very, very tasty.


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