Sheetz Trainer Tuesday

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Name: Brad Beatty

Location: Sheetz Shwellness Center

Job Title: Personal Trainer

Instagram Handle: @bradbeatty17

My Inspiration: My biggest fitness inspiration is my parents. My mom initially introduced me to fitness when I was young through basic calisthenic workouts and taught me the importance of regular exercise. In addition, it's inspiring to me to watch my parents manage to make health a priority while having very busy schedules.

Favorite Teaching Moment: I love seeing clients achieve something that they didn't think they could. Whether it be a strength goal, weight loss goal, or any other fitness goal, helping a client achieve something they thought was beyond their limits is a great feeling.

Fitness Philosophy: Do what you enjoy and try new things! I believe it's important to find forms of exercise that are enjoyable. If you like it, you'll stick to it! With that said, I also think it's important to keep an open mind and always be willing to try new forms of exercise.

Favorite Workout: My favorite workout/form of exercise is olympic weightlifting/barbell training. I love how olympic weightlifting is simple, yet incredibly technical at the same time.

Favorite Workout Snacks: My favorite pre-/post- workout snack is definitely oatmeal. I love the versatility of oatmeal and always find different recipes and ingredient combinations to mix in with it. Right now my favorite ingredient mix is oats, peanut butter, maple syrup, protein powder and banana!

Random Fact: I am a senior at Penn State studying Nutritional Science with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian!

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