Bulgarian Split Squat Form



by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: Bulgarian Split Squat

Muscle Groups Targeted: Lower body - glutes, hamstrings, squats, core

Importance: Terrific way to build single-leg strength, improve hip mobility and balance.

Proper Form:

  • Stand lunge-length in front of a bench, rest the top of one foot on the bench behind you
  • Lower your body until your rear knee touches the floor and your front thigh is parallel to the floor
  • Engage your core, squeeze your glute of the leg that's on the floor and press through that heel and come back to starting position


  • Make sure you are staying upright and your shoulders stay directly over your hips.
  • Your front knee should not go over your toes when you go down and you should be able to keep the weight in your heel of your front foot.

Sample Workout

10 R leg Bulgarian split squats
5 push ups
10 L leg BSS
5 burpes
10 jump squats
5 pull ups/lat pull downs

Complete 3-5 rounds

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