T is for Tea



T | Tea

by Lindsey Herr

Tea has sustained the test of time - reaching many cultures across thousands of years. With so many types offered in the store, it can make purchasing decisions tough! Here's a quick breakdown...

Green Tea:

Classic tea flavor, antioxidant, flavonoids, anti-inflammatory, less caffeine

Bonus: Hojicha, roasted green tea, is super tasty and is one of my personal favorites.

Black Tea:

Earthy rich flavor, most of the same benefits as green tea, more caffeine

Stuff you should know:

Black tea and green tea come from the same plant. Black tea is oxidized so it turns blackish/brown and changes the aromatics and flavor chemical compounds.

Oolong Tea:

Partially oxidized and is grey in color, medium caffeine

White Tea:

Use the youngest leaves of the tea plant

Herbal Tea:

Caffeine free, made from other plants like fruits and herbs


Menthol flavor for opening sinuses - especially if you treat the steam like a breathing treatment, aides with stomach pain, eases muscles and veins (soothes cramps and lowers blood pressure)


Soothes nervous system (helps you sleep at night), helps ease cramps, antibacterial

There are so many other types of tea to explore and taste! Many teas will offer health benefits as well as the great flavor. Some teas are not right for some people. Consult your doctor if you think there may be an allergic reaction or unusual side effect.

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